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    Specializing in Old School Reggae Hip Hop and R&B, Top 40


    Ardell is a Media Entity, entrepreneur and DJ that’s a native of Gainesville, FL. He has had a plethora of careers stemming from the military, sports, real estate and sales. He got his start in media when he landed an internship with 98.7 Kiss FM (now 107.5 WBLS) in New York in 2009.


    He took a break to venture out to other career paths but eventually ended up coming back to radio in 2015 with NJ Web Radio. From there he eventually went on to produce and host various podcasts and other forms of content. He landed a job with Magic 101.3 FM in Gainesville, FL as an Account Executive in 2018. At that time, he started to host various events and concerts for the community of Gainesville.


    Starting his lifestyle company Upsouth Collective, Ardell ventured out on his own, growing the brand of Upsouth through events, production, media, merchandise and music. The buzz got big enough to get an offer from 98.9 Jamz Fm in Gainesville where he served as the catalyst for the station’s recent success. It was there he developed a love for DJing.


    He was let go in February 2020 due to the pandemic and hit the ground running as a DJ and hasn’t looked back ever since.


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